late july

she keeps her makeup

in a glass jar of bullets

beside her honeysuckle soap,

burning incense.

I’d burn myself

with her karma

just to hear her

call me


once again.


i think you’re more honest with your tumblr followers than with me

I want to hear every story about your whole life

tell me again

about the time you ran away from home

when you were 11

carrying nothing but a duffel bag of stuffed animals

and kraft singles

tell me again

about the heartbeat of the railroad tracks

the way the rain

kissed your face

from the open window

tell me again

how you’d like to run away with me

feel that heartbeat thump-thump-thumping again

feel me kissing your face

instead of the rain.

this is not a poem. this needs to be said.

A reaction to the #metoo campaign on social media:

If social media is the only way to get through to you, I hope that you can see how deep an issue this truly is.

If you knew me in high school, you might know part of this story.

This is not something that I have talked about quite this publicly before, but I feel that the time is right. I am safe. I am okay. I am ready to hold people accountable for their actions. When I was 16 years old, I was sexually assaulted by someone I was dating, and I was the first person to not believe that it had happened. I took three hot showers after it happened, wept, and didn’t speak of it for a year. After that year, I began having flashbacks. I remembered what I was wearing, where it had happened, what I was thinking.

The first time I tried to reclaim my voice, my assaulter outed this story to everyone we knew, telling them that I was crazy and a liar. All of a sudden, people looked at me differently than they had before. I could hear the whispers. I was completely alone, and very few people believed me.

I have spent too long making excuses for my assaulter. The truth is, there is no excuse for what happened to me. There is no excuse that anyone can make that will make anyone’s rape or assault okay. So I’m here now. I’m ready to talk about this. The way that we make change is by holding these people accountable, and by believing those who come forward.

To those of you who believed me, thank you.

To those of you who share in “me too,” I see you. I believe you.

And, my god, you are loved. You are so, so loved.