say anything

drown my whisper

in 2am traffic

sirens calling

40 feet below

tell me about

how you hate the cops

the creaking below your feet

promise me you won’t go flying again

until I’m there to catch you


I can’t hear you

from so far away


i think you’re more honest with your tumblr followers than with me

I want to hear every story about your whole life

tell me again

about the time you ran away from home

when you were 11

carrying nothing but a duffel bag of stuffed animals

and kraft singles

tell me again

about the heartbeat of the railroad tracks

the way the rain

kissed your face

from the open window

tell me again

how you’d like to run away with me

feel that heartbeat thump-thump-thumping again

feel me kissing your face

instead of the rain.