please don’t forget to breathe 


Please do not forget to breathe –

when you’re standing in an entryway watching bodies upon bodies move against one another. Let her take you by the hand and guide you through the walls of bodies and into dimly lit rooms – if you try, you might enjoy yourself.

Your chest will seize and oxygen will cease to exist in the space around you


do not forget to breathe.

Think of yourself as a part of the ocean, with the serene blue surface and the commotion below. Let the stranger take you by the hand and kiss your neck. And when she wanders into uncharted territory, think of your body as a galaxy of tiny moving parts kept alive by-

Please don’t forget to breathe.

Remember that stars cannot shine without darkness, and neither can you. And when you meet someone with eyes as blue as the sea –

Please do not forget to breathe.

Because maybe you can’t see it now and maybe you never will, but a future is possible. A present is possible. And a past is nothing but a dark cloud growing softer and softer as time carries on.

You are a small piece of something so much bigger, but know that the ocean would be incomplete without the commotion below and that the space outside of your skin would suffer without the galaxy that is you.

In a room of human walls

In a room with a stranger who ventures into territory unknown

In a room with a girl with ocean-blue eyes

You are alive.

Please do not forget to breathe.