the sun and the sky (corinne & matilda, year 3000)

“Tell me a story.”


Corrine and Matilda laid side by side in the grass, their pinkies barely touching. They had planned to go to the wharf to visit the fishermen, but had stopped to take in the view. The sky was remarkably clear and blue, not a cloud in sight. Looking up at the sky, Corrine noticed that the birds were singing to one another. On her left, a robin chirped, and on her right, a small woodpecker responded. The thought of such different birds connecting in such a way brought a smile to her face. She thought of Matilda. Just the sight of her brought warmth to her heart in a way that she had never thought possible.

“What kind of a story?” Corrine inquired, rolling over to look at Matilda. As she did this, a lock of her golden hair loosened itself from behind her ear and fell in front of her face. As Matilda reached up to help, Corrine felt a flush of warmth rush to her cheeks. This was the first time of many that Matilda would do this. It was in her nature to help others, and Corrine was no exception.

“Tell me about Matty,” Matilda stated, smiling in a crooked sort of way. She had a way of melting Corrine with her smile. Her brown skin glistened, the sunlight reflecting off the blue eyeshadow on her eyelids. She had let go of all reservations with her personal style. She wore her hair large and curly, favored bell-bottom jeans over other pants, and she always adorned her hands with rings given to her by her loved ones. Among her many rings, however, she did have a favorite. She wore the thin silver band on her left index finger. It was simple, but it was Corrine who found it while swimming in the bay.

“Matty was a ridiculous kid that I met when I was five. She was wearing a blue skirt, a blue shirt, blue tights, and blue sneakers. She told me that she wanted to be as happy as the sky. And that was the day that she became my best friend, because that same day I was dressed head to toe in yellow because I wanted to be as happy as the sun.”

”I guess that Corry was just as ridiculous,” Matilda said, laughing in her sing-song way, remembering how life used to be for the two of them. Their hands intertwined as they looked at one another. Although their concentration never strayed from the vastness of each other’s eyes, they could smell the grass below them. They could hear the birds singing to one another from across the treetops. They could feel the rays of sunlight filtering down onto their skin. Out of the corner of their eyes, they could see the clear, blue sky. They almost loved everything.